Classes & Workshops in Saratoga Springs, NY


Strasberg Workshop

Grades: 9th - Freshman in College

Lee Strasberg has been called "the father of method acting." His technique has influenced acting legends such as Robert DeNiro, Jane Fonda and Sally Field, as well as brilliant younger actors such as Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and Miles Teller (Whiplash). In this workshop, we'll delve into some of Strasberg's training, beginning with his famous relaxation exercise and leading into a sense memory exercise which lies at the heart of "the method." You'll learn the beginnings of this world-famous technique and learn how to apply it to your work in a scene. Students are asked to dress comfortably in clothes that won't restrict movement. Instructor: Noah Casner

Saturday, December 21st 12:00pm-2:00pm at the Saratoga Senior Center (5 Williams Street)
Combine with Grotowski Workshop for $40 for both classes

Grotowski Workshop

Grades: 9th - Freshman in College

Have you ever heard of Jerzy Grotowski? That's okay! Most people haven't! Beginning in the 1960s, Grotowski led acting classes in Poland that relied less on the mind and more on the body, as he believed "it is our bodies that express everything about us." As a result, one cannot be truthful in their acting until their body is fully involved in the work. We'll take a look at some basic Grotowski exercises that connect mind and body and discuss how a technique that's so experimental can be used practically in traditional western theatre. Participants are asked to come dressed ready to move and with a short piece of text memorized. We ask that you memorize something new, no longer than four sentences, from a non-prosaic text such as a magazine article, instruction manual, or non-fiction book(no poems, monologues, excerpts from fiction, etc.) Instructor: Noah Casner

Monday, December 30th 5:00pm-7:00pm at the Saratoga Senior Center (5 Williams Street)
Combine with Strasberg Workshop for $40 for both classes

Dance Classes

Ages 12-18

It is a casual environment where you can challenge yourself depending on your experience!

Tuesday Night starting December 3, 2019 at the Saratoga Senior Center (please use the backdoor)

6-7pm Ballet - $10
7-8:30pm Jazz - $15

8 Week Session
December 3rd-February 4th
(No dance on December 24th or 31st)

If you sign up for both classes for the 8 weeks we will take $20 off your total! Just register online and select check payment!
Come on by and drop into class! Learn some awesome combinations and strength your dance skills


New Improv Class


This class is designed to show students how they can apply the basics of improv into their acting. Actors will play games and do exercises to help make them stronger actors by encouraging them to listen to one another, make strong choices, and stay in character on stage.

Session 1 - Basics and intro
We'll start by reviewing the rules of improv and playing games to enforce them. We'll discuss how improv is useful on stage and in life.

Session 2 - Listening to one another
We will do activities to help promote good listening on stage/not letting yourself go into autopilot during a performance.

Session 3 - Making choices
We will do exercises to help make statements and be decisive in improv and on stage.

Session 4 - Character building/staying in character
We will do exercises to build strong characters in scenes, and others to help us stay in character through any sticky situations.

Limited Space Available!

4 Week Session - Sunday Class

12/29, 1/5, 1/12, and 1/19 at the Saratoga Senior Center (5 Williams Street)

1:30-2:30 - Students in grades 6-8

2:30-3:30 Students grades 9-12

Fee:$45 (pay online via credit card or select check payment)