Student Ambassador Program in Saratoga Springs, NY

Student Ambassadors Community Outreach

A Leader In Your Theater Community!

Ambassadors will receive community service hours, plus an extracurricular leadership credit for their college resumes. This program is an excellent way for young people to engage in arts outreach to help expand and diversify the SCT family.

Be a voice for your peers.
Be a voice for Saratoga Children’s Theatre.

The SCT Ambassadors are a distinguished group of middle and high school students who help promote the performing arts in their communities. Ambassadors have participated in SCT programs, so they know first-hand the transformative power of theater. As voices for SCT, they help the organization reach a diverse group of young people, particularly in areas where school arts programs are limited. As voices for their peers, they help SCT better understand the needs of the young people it serves. Through this experience, the Ambassadors practice leadership skills and community engagement.

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Participate in various activities, such as:

  • Volunteering at SCT performances.
  • Writing blog posts during the year.
  • Creating and managing fundraising projects.
  • Building awareness about SCT opportunities with community outreach.
  • Advertising and marketing within the community.